Awa turns 2


Christopher turned 2 (omg) on October 15th 2012

We had an awesome friends party at our favorite place to go, Branford Point.  Followed up with a family party on the 15th at home with our favorite Penner’s 🙂

This stage of his life he is doing/into

Star Wars- never seen it but his cousins have turned him on to it.  Very cute to hear him singing the theme song around the house.

Batman, Superman, Spiderman- never seen any of the shows but somehow loves them!

Being naked


Hanging out with the neighbors

modeling clay

His new tricycle

The beach or pool

our weekly meetups



Working in the garden this summer.  Digging potatoes and picking tomatoes.  We learned about the color red, sad to say many green tomatoes had to perish to teach this boy the color

He is such an outdoors boy, he loves to go, go, go.  If we are stuck in the house for more than a day he starts to lose his mind!

He is still nursing at least once a day

Sleeping through the night- we made it!!

He is an awesome eater but has been introduced to junk foods this year, sigh…… and loves them.  His favorite word right now is cookie.  He still has not eaten fast food and I am hoping to keep it that way, we will see.

His talking has really bloomed.  He is stringing sentences together.  I love that I taught him that it was okay to say no but we have to say , no thank you.  So I hear all day “no tan to mommy, no tan to” he is so polite when he throws a fit 🙂

Favorite phrase

“spicy” and “dark and mooky” (spooky)

He absolutely adores charlie, but love hurts sometimes 🙂

So proud of his sharing.  He truly has come a long way

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Dave……. he just never disappoints!!

It has been four years since the last time I was able to go to a Dave show.  There was a time when 3 to 4 shows would not be out of the question for one summer.  But sadly life got in the way 😉  And sadly Dave was put on the back burner.

The things that were forgotten in those four years

-just how sexy and hot he is!

-his one eyebrow that makes me a school girl

-his funky arm dances

-his feet dance

-how weird he truly is and how much you truly love him for it 🙂

-how much I love carter and boyd and now LOVE, LOVE the trumpet player rashawn ross

-how musically talented they really are!

-how they can keep you standing and dancing like a fool for almost 3 hours, even being pregnant in my 3rd trimester (pat,pat or toot toot)

-good company makes for an awesome concert!



Oy vey

The other day we were informed by our nice but semi racist white trash (hate to use the term) neighbors that they were still moving out in a month (yay) and that their very WT, obnoxious harley driving, cursing,  unemployed daughter and unemployed son-in law would be moving in with their children.

These names are not used without facts to back them up.  Many examples would include…….

boasting about being arrested to our other neighbors

-peeling in out and of the driveway and street in the pick up a motorcycle

– speeding down the street and cursing at our neighbors to “go, you know what” when he is asked to slow down

– having a screaming match over the phone and cursing in front of us our and the kids next door,  this on a semi-daily basis

-revving his harley at 10pm right in the driveway and really at all hours

and the list can go on!

Well they moved in yesterday and me trying to be the nice, non-judgemental Catholic I would like to be , I got home with an open mind and wanted to welcome them to the street.  As I pulled up I thought I was entering the Jerry springer show that was being done in the driveway.  The volume of screaming and the amount of the F word in one sentence made me sit in the car and hope they had just not seen me and that is why they were still doing it.  Ten minutes passed and  they were still going at it, I tried to quietly get out of the car and retrieve my sleeping son.  They continued as I carried him inside.  As the day wore on more of their WT friends showed up to help them move.  I thought I was at an Andrew Dice Clay show.  I’m no prude when it comes to cursing but I think everyone has a line.  And then as I walked out I noticed 40 oz beers along the railing, really? really?  Who drinks those after college?  It may sound like I am nit-picking, but I don’t know how I am going to deal with these people on a day-to-day basis.  They both don’t have jobs and I really don’t think the kids go to school and if they do school will be let out soon for the summer.  I have been serenaded yesterday and today with the sound of the harley being revved for 10 minutes shut off and 20-30 minutes later it is being revved again. ALL DAY.

I have to do this everyday with newborn and a toddler soon,  OY VEY!


A couple of weeks ago I found myself waking up around 5 am every morning panicking about all the bedrooms.  Why?  I am still trying to  figure out why I would be worried about the rooms being ready and organized.  It’s not like I put my baby in their own rooms that are all decorated with themes and stuff.  I mean Christopher is still technically in our room.  He has a big boy bed in the next room that is technically a guest room with a queen size bed that takes up the whole room.  His bed is tucked into a little corner where his changing table (never used) dresser combo is.  The closet in that rooms houses Josh’s stuff.  I still have (embarrassed to share this) boxes from when we moved in that I have not unpacked that are being stored in the other guest/office room.  The other guest room is a functional guest room if my husband (cough, cough) would take all the Christmas bins and Christopher bins in to the attic.  It is also the room where books go.  And needless to say this is also where the very curious toddler likes to play.  I used to have an organized bookshelf.  I actually took a weird pride in it.  Everything was broken into categories, borrowed books, natural birthing, fiction, non-fiction, religious etc. and the then broken sown in to authors.  And then  Christopher happened.  Every morning I have to usually run into the room where I am greeted by a whole shelf of maybe 50-75 books strewn all over the floor.  Why don’t I close the door you ask??  Well everyone that has been to my house will see that everything is the org=iginal fixtures from the early 1900’s (I might be exaggerating)  Anyway not one door closes tightly here.  So a little push from a cat or child or wisp of air and the door flies open.  One of the many annoying things about having to rent this house, the other is being stuck in a 2 year lease and not being able to sell our condo…. and I digress

So to make a long rambling short we have no sense of organization over here.  Which I am usually okay with, my house is neat (toddler standards) and clean and I think that is all I can hope for.  So when I started pulling things out of drawer and closets and yanking out boxes from every room and putting them in the hallway. I knew there had to be some other reason than I just felt like creating a bigger mess for myself which will slowly be cleaned up because anyone that has a toddler knows that it is pretty difficult to do this stuff with them awake!   So I realized that I am officially nesting.  I didn’t really “nest” with Christopher.  I did not have an ounce of need or want to clean the house.  The day my water broke I ran through the house cleaning it before the contractions started.  I did have a panicky feeling that day about cleaning. But the one I really remember stressing over was meals.  A couple of weeks before he was born I got that panicky feeling and spent 3 days in the kitchen cooking meals and freezing them. 2 weeks worth of dinners! BOO YA

With this princess it seems that organizing and cleaning might be my nesting.  Which have to say I am loving!  Things have been thrown out that I have hesitated on before, things have been donated and things have found a new home.  I still asked our 13-year-old neighbor to come over for 2 days in July so i can make meals but I am really not stressing about it right now.  My awesome mother-in-law (wish she lived closer) will be here for a couple of weeks after the baby is born and she is a pretty fantastic cook and ya-ya!!         I am still stressing over a dresser.  I have been searching for a nice, used one that Christopher and baby girl can share.  No luck yet 😦  So since I have not been able to find one I am making Josh install shelves in the closet so I can start washing, folding and putting away all the cute baby girl stuff.  Even though the first few months I know I really only need a boob or 2 and maybe a couple of sleepers and onsies.  I am still deciding if I will start the natural elimination (NE) right off with her but it might get tricky with the amount of times newborns go and being in the same bed as her. I think it might be much better to do the NE since she is girl to start this right away.   We will see……..

We just had our appointment and I am 28 weeks, the baby is measuring right on target, I start steroids next week and I have gained 19 pounds and I passed my 1 hour!!.  We met a different mid-wife today and she was fantastic, so nice and helpful.  I am nervous about having to go to the hospital right away since I have GBS.  She eased my fears and assured me there will no intervention by anyone.  I have that fear in me that if I am at the hospital for too long they will want to induce or want to do other things. We got to hear her beautiful heart beat and while we were listening to that we got to hear her hiccups! On the really bright side is the birthing tub is hooked up and ready to go!!

Can not believe how the weeks are starting to fly now!  We have so much to look forward to this summer.  An awesome Maine wedding, camping with the mainers :), camping with family, a CT wedding, my 30th birthday, our 6th wedding anniversary and all our normal weekday fun with friends.

And on a sidenote

DAVE in 2 days!!

“Celebrate we will because life is short but sweet for certain”

half way there :)

I started this post almost 7 weeks ago and finally have a chance to sit down to write something!  To be honest I got as far as titling it 🙂  It is crazy to think that this baby will be here in 10 weeks or less.  I have my family members around me telling me I need to start planning for this baby.  If Christopher was 3 weeks early this baby could be the same or even earlier cause of family history (praying she is not).  I started looking at names again.  I hate them all!!  I have not found a name that I am in love with.  The middle name has been picked and it is in honor of my first baby that we named Ava Rose.  So I will try the names out with the public……  Maisie, Meadow, Penelope, Autumn, Willow, Georgia and the middle name for all of them would be Rose.

I am currently 26 weeks and 5 days pregnant, my little boy is 18 1/2 months old and I am turning 30 in  3 months.  Yikes to all 3!!  This pregnancy seems to be flying now, the beginning went so slow with all the bleeding and ultrasounds that I thought we would never get here!

The awesome thing is I have been able to continue nursing while pregnant.  A couple of times it looked like we would be done but we powered through it and it has been going great.  I am not ready to stop nursing and he is definitely not ready to be weaned.  I feel so secure in these decisions when I listen to my baby!!  I do look forward to having 2 nurslings 🙂

I love the person that Christopher is becoming.  He is a very secure boy who loves the outdoors and loves to play with the older kids.  He loves doing crafts and cleaning the house with me.  He has learned to share his toys with his weekly playgroup friends, we still need reminders but I am very proud that he does share 🙂 He is a quiet boy but when he has something to say you will not miss it!  He loves snuggling and kissing.  I wake every morning to a momma and him turning my face so he can kiss me and then he does the same to Josh.  I believe there is no better way to wake up! He starts the night in his own big boy bed but sleeps with us when he has his midnight wakeup.  We still have not turned the car seat around even though we are dying to!  Not sure we are going to make it to the 2 year mark.  Love that they switched the rule when I had him, for the kid that hates the seat and the car!!  He loves singing and dancing and has learned a ton of signs where he will put 2-4 signs together when he talks to us.  Natural Elimination has been going great.  I feel that we have accomplished some important parts of potty training.  He is starting to sign potty before he goes… on the floor 🙂  I see that is a huge step since most issues with potty training is that the child does not know that he/she is going.  So we have that and if he has a diaper on he immediately tells me if he went in it.  We have officially stopped vaccinating until we are forced to receive them.  I have no issues with the vaccines, I just have an issue at how early they are administered.  We have also received all 4 molars at the same time last month.  That was a very exhausting month!  I actually went and bought the amber necklace during that time hoping that would help.  Now I won’t take it off just in case it does help 🙂  He also has his own style, which I LOVE!!  He has to wear his froggy boots everyday.  No matter if it is raining, sunny, 95 degrees or 20 degrees.  I ask him every morning and his response is boots, and if I try any other show on him he freaks!!

We have been talking about a baby in my belly since we found out I was pregnant.  Not sure if he really gets it but he does the sweetest things to my belly.  He will kiss the belly good morning an good night, put his toes on my belly and make the stinky face and make the sound.  He will sign milk and then point to the baby and then I explain that baby does not get milk till she comes and he finishes with a big OW (out).  He tries to share his food with  the belly/baby.  Nothing is cuter then when he tries to share his toys with the baby.  The other morning the baby was doing some kind of kickboxing in my uterus and I layed his hands on my belly and told him it was the baby.  He kind of looked at me confused as my stomach was kicking him and then for the rest of the day kept signing baby and putting his hands on my belly.  Can not wait to see this big brother in action!

We have been going through a couple of things that have been exhausting and frustrating and it makes me doubt myself.  but I have been blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful group of gentle, non-judgemental moms that have been honest about normal behavioral issues.  Christopher has gone through a severe separation anxiety issue this last month where it was almost impossible to do something without me holding him.  Of course he went through this as Josh was away on his almost week-long business trip.  It was exhausting to say the least.  But I think we are over the worst of it and it has gotten progressively better .  We have also entered the stage of the scream…….. all I have to say is wow!   The sheer volume of his voice and it always seems to be in public 🙂  Once again I have been blessed to be around these women that have re-assured me that it is just not my child that this is normal etc.  In my head I am so concerned about what people think of Christopher not of me.  I have been around those judgemental moms and those “perfect”  kids and I am usually shocked at the little rude nasty comments that come out of their mouths.  I want to explain to them that he is not like this that he is the sweetest, cuddliest boy they will ever meet.  But I have to remind myself that this too shall pass and this is completely normal and I need to stop caring what people think and I also want to remind them to think twice before they open their mouths. One day it might be their kid!!  It’s so funny through email I received a Dr. Sears update and it was all about the 18 month mark.  Toddlers at this age are going through so much right now!  And I thought it was funny that everything that we are going through it says that this happens at 18 months.  Perfect timing!

One a different note…….

Last month we visited grandpa and yaya in Dallas.  The plane rides were so easy.  Nurse on the way up, sleep, nurse on the way down.  So easy!  We had a chance to visit Dallas Cowboys stadium, that was pretty um neat and boring.  It was a 2 hour tour with a toddler.  And I said it before but they could have easily made it a ten minute tour by saying Jerry jones has a ton of mony and a huge ego.  So he bought and created a stadium that has some ridiculous fixtures.  Yet he will still charge $9 for a beer.  I did get a chance to be next to Tony’s $9,000 locker and Josh got to see the Cheerleaders locker room.  Jerry did not spend 9 grand on their lockers.    We also had a chance to go to the Dallas zoo.  I am usually very depressed when I go to the zoo but this one was pretty decent.  We did get to pet a giraffe!?!  That was crazy.  We saw a baby giraffe nursing and as I pointed it out to Christopher he made the milk sign and proceeded to pull down my shirt and try to nurse 🙂  We made a quick trip over the border to see Oklahoma and some long horns.  A little disappointed when we crossed, there was no singing or windmills 😉  It was a wonderful visit filled with a lot of relaxing and Christopher turning their backyard into a mud pit.  It was so wonderful for Christopher to be with his grandparents.  He had a chance to play outside with grandpa every morning, digging and playing in the water.

Josh rented a tiller for me so I am able to have my own garden this year.  I have already been able to plant 30 lbs of 3 different potatoes, sunflowers (for the seeds), carrots, corn and sugar snap peas.  Christopher loves coming out with me while I hoe since the Easter bunny brought him his own hoes and gardening tools.  Looking forward to the summer, hoping that I can keep up with all the meetups and gardening and regular tomfoolery.  I already feel like my body is betraying me 🙂

***  Also looking into hypno-birthing.  If you have any suggestions or recommend a place.  That would be great!!! ****

The Tumultuous 15 months??

Today was quite the interesting day. We had our wonderful music class that we usually love. Well sadly not today,  and very far from it!

We have entered the: hitting, throwing, yelling, screaming, tantrums, going limp and out right defiance stage.  How did we get to this? Where is my sweet boy who likes to hug and kiss the little boy who helps me sort laundry and clean up messes, the little boy who snuggles closer at night.  That sweet, neat freak, cuddly boy is still here but just don’t get him mad!

This morning  maybe a better mom would have known not to bring him in. He had not slept the night before at all and then he fell asleep for 5 minutes as we were driving over.  I had to wake him up and as I was doing it he actually scared me a little 🙂  As we entered the class I tried to take my glasses from him and he through a fit. Okay deep breath, positive thoughts…  well we kept on trucking and made it to the downstairs.  Class started off halfway decent with him wanting to play the instruments and being part of the group.  And then something happened, I am still trying to figure out what the trigger was.  He was fine one minute and the next he was ripping down my shirt (which is normal) and screaming.  Okay I can deal with that, tune it out a little, distract him.  But then when the Big drum came out he was pushing it away from the other kids because he was angry at it.  And when he is angry at something it has to go away, nobody can play with it.  I have no clue where and when this came from!  Then the trying to snatch things out of his friends hands.  Then the screaming became a little more intense and then the hitting started.  I was on the verge of tears in class.

Why didn’t I leave?  Josh asked me that and I had no idea why I did not pick him up and go.  He has never done this to this extent and maybe I was hoping we could salvage the class.  But instead we probably ruined it for everybody else.  When class ended I was very rude said a heartfelt apology to the teacher and mumbled a quick goodbye to our friends and flew out the door as tears were streaming down my face.  I was humiliated, and felt like such a horrible mother.  I felt as though I had no patience with him.  I raised my voice at one point and felt like a failure.  I can deal with screaming or tantrums but I can not deal with hitting or hurting of any kind.  As I pulled off on a side road crying I texted my sister about this hideous event and the words of love encouragement picked me up a little.  He is not the only one who has or is doing it.  I am not a horrible mom, this is the age and the most important words of advice this WILL PASS.

As any mom who is scared of their 15 month old,  I could not bring him home! 🙂  We headed to the farm and I  hoped a little fresh air, egg collecting and walk around the farm would be a mood booster before lunch and nap.  I was half wrong.  He did great running around jumping in a few lingering puddles and petting the donkeys.  But then he found the ax that somehow always has the worst hiding spot.  As I ran over with a nooooooooooooooooooooo, he flipped . Ran over to Mia and hit her as he kept one eye on me, ran over to me and head butted my knee and threw himself to the ground with such a dramatic flair and proceeded to yell and bang his head on the floor.  When I tried to stop him since the floor was concrete it angered him even more.   Deep breath in, a few more tears, quick prayer for a ton of patience and quietly and calmly tried to talk to him.  A few more tears and back into the car for a nap.

As I sit here and write this post I am watching this peaceful angel sleep.  And wonder if I just made this all up in my head.  Sadly no, I didn’t make it up and I have a lot of patience I need to gather up for the next, what would you say….. 48 hours???   That’s how long this will last, right? RIGHT???

I have an independent, head strong, individual that I am trying to nurture and correct at the same time.  I love that he is so passionate about things I just have to learn how to channel it in the right direction!  So if you have any advice you would like to pass on, I would love to hear it!  We are a gentle discipline family with no hitting, so any other advice would be welcome


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Finally I have a minute to sit down  and write a quick blurb on my one year old, I thought I should do it before he turns 2 :).  I feel as though neither of us has sat down since his 9 month mark 🙂

Christopher Joshua turned 1 on October 15th 2011.  It was such a bittersweet day.  I believe I cried over anything and everything.  He had such a special birthday month.  The weekend before his birthday his grandparents from Arizona and his Auntie and Uncle from Ohio flew to CT to celebrate his big milestone. Along with other very special family and friends that made the trek to celebrate with him!  On his birthday weekend our “family” from Maine came down and we had quite the celebration!!!

For both Birthday celebrations he had a nasty cold.  His fever was a little over 104 at night and during the day he was just plain miserable!  He finally got to enjoy some of his smash cake on his real birthday.   He also experienced the Branford touch-a-truck.  Which all our Maine guest mocked us for 🙂

He has changed so much since the last time I had a chance to write.  I have little notes around the house with his milestones jotted on.  From receipts to post its to gum wrappers his life has been documented.

His signing has come so far.  He understands all the signs, and is slowly starting to use them in the right context

We are still nursing on demand! YAY!

We still bedshare! YAY!

He is running and climbing and getting into everything!!

He loves going to the farm and collecting eggs, feeding the donkeys and finding every muddy puddle possible!

It is incredible how something so small can understand so much and have such a big personality!

He has become an expert tractor driver even though he tends to only turn left 🙂

He has traveled to 5 states already and has taken a handful of plane rides

It is so cute to watch him with his 3 older cousins.  He tries to keep up with them and do everything that they do

I have been blessed this year to be able to stay at home and be a full-time mom.  I have learned so much about this individual that keeps changing every second of the day!  And I would not change it for the world!

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